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Timo Hogendoorn is an independent Dutch IFRS 17 & IFRS 9 consultant who combines international insurance and banking experience, a financial background (Msc. in Finance, reporting experience, actuarial minors), IT knowledge (SAP, Teradata, BI and Datawarehousing) with change methods (Scrum, Lean) and Business Analyst skills (Babok, BCS Business Analysis).

He helps especially insurance companies being compliant with IFRS 17 & IFRS 9 by translating the needed reporting and business changes with business requirements and seizing opportunities to optimize processes.

He loves this working area as he enjoys the complexity of the financial domain with the enormous possibilities which lie within the IT domain. With his energy, consultant skills and communicative abilities is he able to help the financial domain to change at the intersection of Finance and IT and to create widespread support for needed changes. Check his Linkedin for more information

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This Website

The goal of this website is to help companies and individual professionals understanding the complex material of IFRS 17 by sharing our knowledge in insights on new trends around this topic, whether it is about the IFRS 17 model, reporting or IT.

When you are in need for a helping hand within you assignment or company, then please reach out and we can help you with our business analysis, implementation and project managements services.

Reporting knowledge

We have multiple year experience within the insurance domain with constructing and publishing year reports. We understand accounting policies, bookkeeping and therefore we understand the new reporting guidelines from IFRS 17

Business Analysis skills

We are trained within business analysis, whether it is Babok, or BCS we are certified and are able to translate the IFRS guidelines into clearly stated documents and needed data elements

Technical skills

We have experience within data warehousing and IT. Even with clearly stated documents are the still big challenges for the implementation part. We understand the technical part and we can think along what the best implementation strategy should be